Encaustics for the Fiber Artist

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Encaustics for the Fiber Artist


June 3, 2017 9:00am - 4:00pm

Instructor – Becky Stevens, trained at R&F Handmade Paints 

  • • Learn the magic of encaustic and how wax transforms your fiber, be it paper, fabric, yarn, or thread, creating work that has opulence and depth. 
  • • Learn good studio practice for safety and health. 
  • • Learn methods of saturating paper and fabric with encaustic medium, making work that is translucent, luminous, and archival. We will make a simple sample book with a variety of papers and fabric saturated with encaustic medium for future reference. We will also be creating small pieces using unmounted papers and fabric for lightweight collage work and simple folded books. 
  • • Learn mark making methods to use on encaustic coated surfaces 
  • • Learn armature methods for encaustic sculpture 

You will go home with: 

Two Books - a sample book of encaustic coated papers/fabric and a folded book. 

Small sculptural pieces. 

Encaustic Education – you will have enough knowledge to set up encaustic in your studio safely. 

Resource Guide – a list of supplies and where to buy them. 

Materials that will be provided – encaustic medium, encaustic paint and/or pigment sticks paper, fabric, wire 

Students bring: Freezer paper to cover your work area, masking tape, rags, paper towels, apron, plastic gloves. 

Needle, dark thread, scissors. A thick thread (embroidery wool) gives texture, a thin thread (basic sewing thread) will be more subtle. 1-2 sheets of vellum. 

Needle nose pliers, wire cutter. If you want - some of your own lightweight papers and/or fabric. Handmade paper is gorgeous in encaustic. 

Kansas City based artist Becky Stevens received her BFA in sculpture and design in 1986. She is a mixed media artist with a passion for fiber. She was taught how to create with a sewing machine as young child by her grandmother, a retired pattern cutter for Nelly Don. Her mother was an award-winning fiber artist who put Becky to work in her teens, helping to create crocheted sisal sculptural wall pieces.


Becky has exhibited and received awards in Kansas City, St Joseph, St Louis, and Denver. Her work is in many private collections. Her community arts activism includes her long running seat on the board of the Weavers Guild of Greater Kansas City, she is the Kansas City regional rep for Missouri Fiber Artists, and a member of Surface Design Association.

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