Quilting Conversation Workshop/Retreat

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Quilting Conversation Workshop/Retreat



 A community of fiber artists/sewists/makers of all kinds, will gather to create a conversation through ripping, cutting, piecing, sewing, an improvisational community quilt.

 This is NOT your Gramma’s quilt! And Not your standard workshop!

It will be a dialogue with cloth and the maker’s heart, that will be the inspiration behind this improvisational quilt.

Each maker will have a hand in your quilt.

 In this 7 hour workshop, we will open the community circle with a meditation on creativity, trust and process; along with some simple movements to get us warmed up.We will begin the process of allowing the cloth to speak, and in a timed fashion will pass our beginnings to the next maker, until the quilt has been added to by all, before returning to you to complete.

 Please save the date for this very special day!

SEPTEMBER 21 (International Day of Peace)


Living Arts Studio

2814 Sutton


 Living Arts will provide morning refreshments and coffee.

We will have a lunch break as well as beverages to celebrate the completion 

Gina Alverez and Kelly Larson will be your hosts.

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