January 2015

Portrait is an exhibition that investigates notions of biography, identity, personal space and individual narrative. The artists presented in Portrait all play with the notion of who am I in this world, who are you to me, how do I move through the day to day and what is important to me. Through the process of asking questions and investigation through material, subject matter, process and other personal navigation the work presented in Portrait is a personal and public declaration of – this is it – this is me – this is you.

Exhibiting Artists - Sean Brassil, Michael Draga, Matthew Freeman, Lynne Green, Kit Keith, Paul Lodes, Kait Mauro, Melelani Perry, Danny Speck and Christopher Worth





The brightest corner

March 2016 

The Brightest Corner is a powerful collection of work that speaks volumes. Over the course of the past year each one of the artists in this project has worked, re-worked, invented and re-invented their medium, their practice and their message. We have heard many things over the years about the power of one’s disability. For example: Limitations are the linchpins of form. - Jessica Baran. This is more than evident on a daily basis in the Living Arts Studio. We see that what could be perceived, as a limitation is actually an asset, a mark, and a concept. The artists in The Brightest Corner have harnessed this tool, this mechanic, in a way that has produced artwork that is deeply personal, deeply motivated and fundamentally honest. Matthew Freeman states that our strength comes from our honesty and the fellowship that making art provides. There is no stronger sense of community as there is in a working, buzzing and humming studio. The power of collective creation is palpable at Living Arts and it resonates without a doubt in The Brightest Corner.

Exhibiting Artists - Tom Allen, Amy Barmann, Chip Beers, Sara Charles, James Douglas, Leah Larson, Gus McLean, Melilani Perry, Victoria Shaffer, Michael Weidle

Shakespear in the Streets - MAPLEWOOD

On Sutton Blvd. between Marietta & Hazel

Local beer, donuts, bowling and the Bard will all come together as Shakespeare in the Streets heads to Maplewood. This year’s production, Remember Me, will feature a mash-up of HamletA Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Macbeth, with a little Romeo & Juliet thrown in. SITS is a grassroots theatrical experience that invites St. Louis neighborhoods to tell their stories. Free and open to the public, these performances unite the neighborhood and introduce it as a creative force to the greater St. Louis area.

The Living Arts Studio worked closely with the creative team for Remember Me, to create large scale puppets to be used in the performance. It was an amazing experience and the entire studio came together to create extremely large, moveable puppets. Below are pictures of our time with Shakespear in the Streets.

The Saint Louis Art Museum partnered with the Living Arts Studio / VSA Arts of Missouri on a series of puppet making workshops throughout the month of November, 2016.  Each puppet was inspired by a work of art in the Museum’s collection. The 5 finished puppet creations were unveiled during the Museum’s Winter Celebrations Weekend, a three-day festival of cultural performances and art activities. The puppets were crafted by STL community members and the Living Arts Studio artists.