The Women’s Art Collective consists of 16 women who come together every Friday under the initial facilitation of Kelly Larson at her studio in Maplewood, Spirited Hands/Living Arts. WAC has continued strong over the past five years under Kelly's guidance but now the group has been folded into the Living Arts Studio / VSA Arts of Missouri Programming and is facilitated by Gina Alvarez

We have been sharing and creating together for over 5 years primarily in the Fiber Arts medium.  While each of the women in the collective is an artist in one medium or another, each brings a unique style and flavor to the collection of work created.

Each year the group is presented with a theme each year, of which a body of work is created. Some of the past themes have included the “grab bag” project, where a 12X12 piece was created from items in a grab bag.  Or the “create with the masters” series, where we studied artists such as Mark Rothko, Simon Bull, Jim Dine, etc.  and allowed their technique to inspire our pieces.

The Women's Art Collective at the Living Arts Studio / VSA Arts of Missouri is funded by the Missouri Arts Council.